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How To Buy Rap Beats For Sale Online In 2021

Breaking into the music biz is tough. You can’t just get by on pure talent. You have to have the right sound, the right look, the perfect vibe, and time it perfectly. Traditionally that meant waiting until a record label discovered you. For many, it was a long wait.

Nowadays, though, things are a bit simpler. Sure, it’s still hard to break into the music business, but it’s a lot easier to put together a high-quality promo disc. All you need to do is to choose a great beat to go with your music, spend a little time in a recording studio, and cut your own music.

trap beats for sale

You can opt to: 

  • Send it into a record label.
  • Pound it out on social media to start gaining a following.
  • Sell it online yourself.

There are plenty of options, and it all starts with a simple beat. But what if you’re a one-person show? Maybe you’re great at writing songs, raps, and so on, but have no technical knowledge about putting together a dope beat. 

That might have been a problem 30 years ago. Now it’s not even a reason to break a sweat. At BlastBeat, we offer a range of premium beats across a variety of genres. The genres we focus on include:

  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap
  • Pop
  • Trap Music
  • Instrumental

Check back often, because we’re always adding new, high-quality tracks. Our goal is to make it easy for you to buy beats online. 

How To Buy Beats Online From Real Music Producers

Many different sites allow you to purchase beats online. What sets BlastBeat apart is that we create our beats with sound production in mind. We use Pro Tools to ensure that every track we sell is top quality.

We have real music producers on our team to ensure that every beat you buy is a killer track. We also work with real music producers who use our site to sell their awesome beats. We only work with producers with the same level of commitment that we have.

We have a full range of options from really cheap beats to full exclusive rights.  

Buying a Beat Has Never Been This Simple

Just browse through our catalog and see what beats you like. You’ll get the best deals and have a great variety to choose from. Check back regularly to see what new tracks we’ve added and what new promotions we’re running. 

We run periodic specials where we give away free tracks with certain purchases, or slash prices even more. The thing is that artists snap up these specials quickly. So, make sure that you’re signed up for our newsletter or bookmark our site so that you get in before the special is over.

Once you’ve selected what you want, it’s easy enough: 

  • Add your chosen items to your cart. 
  • Choose whether you’d like exclusive rights or leasing rights. (If you don’t see this option, then only leasing rights are available.) If you’re not sure about what the difference is, scroll down the page – we go into it in some detail. 
  • With leasing rights, you have the option of choosing different tiers of usage. You’ll pay a lower fee for tracks that have more restricted uses. 
  • Once that’s sorted out, pay for the items you’ve selected.
  • You’ll be able to download any of these items instantly.
  • From there, it’s all up to you to become the next rap mogul. 


Isn’t There a DIY Option? 

hip hop

Many backing tracks these days are created electronically. As a result, a lot of apps out there allow you to create tracks at home. These are fine, up to a point. The apps are fun to play around with, but creating a high-quality sound with them is difficult. 

We use pro tools that are beyond the budgets of most artists. We also have a highly experienced team who are experts in using them. They know the industry, and they keep up to date on what’s hot and happening. They create awesome tracks.

It’s also not as easy to write a catchy background beat as you might think. It can be a tedious process, especially if you’re a newbie. It is possible to do it yourself, but it isn’t the most cost-effective option.

If you’re serious about your music, then it isn’t an option at all. Do you know how many crappy, homemade mixtapes music executives receive daily? If you want to stand out as a serious artist, amateur hour won’t do.

We Provide The Hottest Trap Beats That Produce Successful Rap Artist

Trap music is nothing new. It began back in the ’90s. Lately, though, it’s been experiencing a big resurgence in popularity. It’s a great beat to tap your feet to, great for dancing, and the perfect background for a rap battle.

The origins of trap music fit the rap genre perfectly. Trap is all about being rebellious and having an attitude. Traditionally, you’ll find it a mixture of: 

  • Snare drums
  • Loud kicks
  • Triple hi-hats
  • Triangle
  • Brass
  • Some bass

Traditionally, the music was mainly on percussion instruments. The best trap beats for sale today cross over into other genres as well. You might find dub, Dutch house sound, and techno added for good measure.  

Typically, the selection online divides into three basic categories: 

rap hooks

  • Hip hop: This is for those who like old-school music. It’s the genre in its purest form, and played as intended. You’re looking at around 70 to 110 beats per minute.
  • Dutch synth work: This is a more modern spin on the music. Dutch synth is ideal if you want a track that’s easy to dance to.  
  • Dub: This is a more laidback version. Dub music originated in Jamaica and was an evolution of reggae. Some say it’s an essential part of today’s rap scene.  

Allow Our In House Trap Beat Makers To Track Out Your Exclusive Leases In Pro Tools HD 

We specialize in the hottest choruses or hooks for down South, up North and West Coast hip hop songs, all mixed and mastered in pro tools for radio and online streaming. If you want to add your own flavor, or you have a particular sound in mind, get in touch.

Maybe our hip hop beats for sale don’t quite hit the right note for you. No problem – get in touch and tell us what sound you want. Our team will make it a reality for you. It’ll cost more than leasing a track, but it’s worth it to get that unique sound.

Producing a backup track to complement your style is harder than you might think. Leave it up to us – we’ll do the hours of editing and polishing the track for you. If you let us do what we do best, you’ve got more free time to do what you do best – create music. 

Maybe you’re interested in the sound of one of our tracks, but it’s not quite the perfect fit. Let us know what changes you need to make it a better fit. We can’t copy another producer’s work note for note, but we can create a unique sound based on the elements that you like.

Custom Beats are Best For:

  • Serious artists who want their distinctive style to shine through. If you’ve got an idea of the kind of sound you want, you can’t beat a custom track. It’s your creation. You can honestly say that every bit of that song is yours. 
  • Artists who would like to stand out from the rest. There are plenty of generic backing tracks out there. They’re good, but they’ve also been around before. If you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself, a unique sound from start to finish is an excellent way to go.  
  • Companies and artists who are building their brand. Whether it’s a custom track for an album or one for a jingle, it’s easier to create a unique brand image with a unique sound. 
  • Artists wanting to invest a little more in their careers. We can’t guarantee that your custom track will hit it big straight away. But if you’re willing to work at promoting it, it could be a great investment in your career.

Professional Rap Beats For Sale By Veteran Hip Hop & R&B Producers

up north

We started in this business because we identified a gap in the market. Sure, sites selling tracks are a dime a dozen these days. With the tech available today, almost anyone can cobble together a track. And, since there’s such a big market for these, it’s a lucrative business.

Unfortunately, that also means there’s a vast difference in quality from one site to the next. And that’s where we found our gap in the market. If you saw professional rap beats for sale, you could expect to pay a pretty penny. 

Depending on the rights attached, you could be looking upwards of $500 a track. You could find cheaper options produced by amateurs, but you get what you pay for. The cheaper the track is, the worse the quality and the more work you have to do to make it sound reasonable.

We love jamming, and we love music. But we understand that not everyone has the time or skills to record a winning background track. That’s why we started this business. We wanted to give musicians like you a high-quality source of materials at a reasonable price.  

We made the decision early on to only work with the best, and accept tracks only from professional producers. We choose our team members both for their skill and their experience in the industry. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve got the industry experience.

We’ve also kept our profit margins low so that you don’t have to sell a kidney to produce your next album. Does it mean we make less money? Perhaps initially. But so far, we’ve found that it’s a winning strategy. 

Our clients are happy to come back repeatedly in search of new tunes. They’re also glad to refer their friends. And that’s advertising that you can’t buy anymore.

We’re in this for the long haul. We’ve taken a lot of time to build a stellar brand ourselves. We’re not going to ruin it by palming off sub-standard work. Keeping the quality high costs us more initially, but it also creates a far more sustainable business model. 

When it comes to music rights, there’s a big difference between leasing the track and owning exclusive rights. In short, it’s like the difference between renting and owning your own home. 

When you’re renting a home, you have limited rights. You can’t just make any alterations that you want. You also have to keep paying rent if you’re going to live there. Over time, the landlord can raise the rent or refuse to renew your lease.

When you buy your home, it’s yours. It’s going to cost more upfront, and you’ll have to pay off the mortgage, but it’s yours. You can do what you like with it. Want to throw a fantastic wrap party to celebrate your new album? Go wild – it’s your home.

It’s important to understand what rights you’ve purchased. If you don’t, you could land in hot water for inadvertently contravening the terms of the licensing agreement. Let’s look at what each means in more detail. 

Exclusive Rights


Exclusive rights are more expensive. The advantage is that you’re buying the track outright. Ownership and full rights are transferred over to you. If you buy exclusive rights, we’ll take the track down from our site. 

Once it’s yours, you can do what you like with it. Use it as is or mix it up. Use it in your own compilation, or sell it on to someone else. It’s yours; you can do what you like with it. 

With other sites, exclusive rights mean that you get a better-quality product and different formats. At our site, we deliver everything in high quality, whether exclusive or leased. We’ll send alternate formats, but high quality comes standard.  

If you’re planning on getting your music produced, or sending it into a record label, an exclusive track is the way to go. That way, you know that no one else will have the same sound.  

The capital outlay at first is more expensive, but over time this is the better solution. You make a one-off payment, and the track is yours. That means that you’re not subject to further fees ever again. You don’t have to figure out how many times the track has played.  

You’re also securing the price now. Every year the cost of background tracks increases. With leasing, the price can increase as the company sees fit. If you’ve bought the track, you won’t have to worry about future price increases. 

Buying the track outright is a lot less hassle and can save you money in the long-term. And, best of all, the profits are all yours too. 

Exclusive Rights Are Best For:

hip hop beats

  • Musicians building a unique brand. There is nothing like having a unique sound. If you’re establishing your brand, it’s good to use exclusive tracks so that not everyone has the same music.  
  • People who don’t want the hassle of keeping track of how many times the song plays. OK, the world of music royalties and licenses is a complex one. If you’re an artist, you may not have time to keep up with all the administration it entails.
  • Those who want full rights to the track. Maybe you want to be able to re-cut the track later. Perhaps you want to be able to use it as often as you like. With full rights, you can do whatever you like. 
  • Those who prefer a one-and-done deal. Sometimes, you want the simplest option. Exclusive rights offer the simplest solution. You choose a track that you like and lock it down. There’s hardly any work required from your side at all.  


Leasing Rights

Maybe you need a quick soundtrack for an ad. Perhaps you want to test the waters before committing to an exclusive contract. Or maybe you want to put together a mixtape to send out. Perhaps you don’t have the money for a unique track.

Then leasing the rights might be a better option for you. With leasing rights, you pay to use the track a certain number of times. The license may say, for example, that you can use the track 2,000 times. So, if you sell 2,000 CDs with the track on them, you’d have to apply for a new license again.  

The advantage of leasing is that it is a lot less expensive. The producer can offer this discount because they’ll sell the track a good few times over. 

The disadvantage is that it’s not exclusively yours and it can be sold over and over again. That’s why it’s not advisable to lease a beat when you’re cutting a record. If a song blows up, you could end up being cast as a knock-off if someone else is using the same beat.

Once leasing rights are granted, exclusive rights come off the table. That track could be sold a hundred times over. 

Some say leased tracks are of lower quality. That may be true of other sites, but here at BlastBeat, we’re breaking the mold. You’ll always get the best quality tracks, no matter what rights you buy. 

How Many Uses Should I Purchase? 

Two thousand uses might sound like a lot, but they can rack up quickly. Every time your song gets played that counts as one use. So, if you’re posting on YouTube, every time someone watches your video, it counts as a use.

If you’re not sure about where all of this is going, it doesn’t make sense to buy a huge package. That’s where 2,000 uses will be OK. If you’ve already established something of a following, consider getting the bigger package, or an exclusive license instead.

Leasing Rights are Best For

  • Those who need a quick track for a limited number of uses. If you’re making a mixtape, you don’t necessarily need something that is uniquely yours. A lot of artists use leased tracks to get a foot in the door. Then they move to more exclusive items. 
  • Musicians testing the waters. If you’re not sure yet how far you want to take things, then leasing rights are more affordable upfront. If you decide to quit, you’re not out a lot of money. 
  • Those on a more limited budget. Let’s be honest here – most artists want a unique track that no one else can use. Unfortunately, though, it’s not always that simple. If you’re operating on a shoestring budget, it’s easier to shell out for leasing rights. 
  • Someone wanting to get their first album out. Again, exclusive rights are better. That said, sometimes it’s more important to get the album out fast. That way, you can start making money on it and getting airtime. 

Do We Accept Tracks? 

The answer here will depend on how good the quality is. If you are a producer, and you’re producing great work, then contact us on our website. You can do this by clicking the “I’m a producer who wants to sell beats” button.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll publish all the tracks sent through. Our team evaluates them in terms of our quality-control guidelines and how they fit in with our site.

The advantages of selling your tracks through us are that:

  • You get access to a wide range of new buyers. 
  • The sales and delivery process is all handled for you. 
  • You don’t have to pay excessive fees to get some airtime for your tunes. 

Final Notes

That’s a wrap. Now you know everything that you need to about buying from My ArtistDNA. If you have any further questions, drop us a line. We’re waiting to hear from you. 

If you’re ready to jump right in, check out our latest selection. You’re bound to find the perfect background music for you. And, if you don’t, we can always create it for you on blastbeat.

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