How Exactly Do You Buy Beats

Not everyone has the interest or finances to invest in all the electronic equipment to produce beats themselves, never mind paying the studio and artists fees to have artists do the beats for you on drums, bass, keyboard and guitar. The natural solution to these was the creating of a variety of beats, all with different flavors and feels, and to sell them online to people who need them.


In fact, buying beats online has become such a popular way of speeding up the recording process that many producers earn a six figure income this way. Even for beginners who just want to find their own voice and do a couple of demo tracks ? these beats for sale are a fantastic way to get started.

What are beats for sale exactly?

Beats for sale are, in short, audio files containing instrumental or vocal recordings that can be bought or leased in some cases for use in recordings or performances. These recordings usually form the background track of any song, and is used by music producers to create a final audio file that can be used for making an album. Beat files differ in their composition, depending on the feel created by the producer, but they most commonly include kick drum, snare drum, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard and lead or backing vocals.?

These audio files are usually created electronically by a music producer, or through the recording of instruments in a studio. They are then made available for download online, after a purchase or lease agreement has been agreed upon. You usually have a choice of several potential agreements, all at different prices and allowing you different types and amounts of freedom with the beat. You will be able to see this on the Blastbeats site.

Most commonly, when you buy or lease a beat, you will be able to download this audio file as a single mix. This is fine for demo tracks or home recordings, but when a professional recording is being made your producer will need the singular files of each instrument to create a high quality mix. This is what is called the tracked out files.

How do I buy a beat?

This is the fund part! Hop over to the Blastbeat site and check out all of the great beast we have lined up. Listen to them ad pick your favorites. Once you have decided on the beat you want check our our licensing options and chose one that suits your preference. This may be a purchase or a lease -for either the single mix audio file or tracked out files  as you prefer.

Now simply process the payment and the files will be emailed to you for your use. Now all you have to do is have some fun with the beats! Record your vocals or instrumentals and mix it all up to create the perfect song!

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