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How Do People Use Beats in Trap Hip Hop Beats


The trap beat is the primary backing track for trap music. Trap music is a sub-genre of hip hop, which features rolling kick, melodic riffs, and bass sounds. This music also includes shuffling the hi-hats and processed vocals to create a unique sound that is easy to distinguish from traditional hip hat. But how are trap hip hop beats used? This article will help you understand the different type trap beats as well as some basics for creating beats for trap hip hop.

Different Types of Trap Beats

Before getting into how to create a trap beat, you should know about the different types of trap beats. Often times the different types of beats do overlap each other, but there are some distinctive features of each of these types of beats.

Hard Trap Beat

This is among the most common type of trap beat. These beats tend to feature more rhythm focused beats and less melodic elements. They tend to be slower but more aggressive in the sound choices used for the beat. These beats use kick sounds and rolling bass to give it that boost of energy that makes people feel alive when listening to the track.

Guitar Trap Beat

Guitar trap beats are becoming more and more popular these days. This type of beat uses guitar as the primary part of the production. The guitar sound is a clean sound of an electric guitar which drowns in delays and reverb, and it has a guitar melody that is typically in minor keys.

Dark Trap Beat

These are similar to the aforementioned hard trap beats, which uses a more aggressive and heavy nature to sounds. These are called dark traps because they have angry or “dark” beats created from instruments like synths. 

Making Trap Beats

There are different aspects of making a trap beat. The different parts of beats.

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hi-Hats
  • Bass
  • Melodic Ideas
  • Rollers, Risers, Transitions

Bass is among the most important parts of trap music because it is added to the kick and other parts of the song to give it interesting layers. 

Melodic ideas are like the riffs or guitar chords in the song, which offers a repetitive sound for the track. The exact instruments used for this part of the beat can depend on which type of trap beat you are trying to create. For instance, a keyboard or piano would be used for dark trap beats.

Each of these elements have something interesting to the track to make it an incredible piece of music. 


Trap beats are used to create awesome hip hop music that will be memorable to the audience. If you want to make to try something new with your hip hop music, using trap beats can give your music the freshness that you can be inspired by. Think about how you want to use trap beats for your music, then create your next masterpiece by experimenting with trap music.

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