How To Make Rap Beats On Fl Studio

How to Make Hip Hop Beats on FL Studio

FL Studio is a popular tool for creating rap beats. If you aren’t familiar with this program, it can be pretty daunting to use. This is a powerful program that can really make any type of track or beats that you can imagine. However, to be successful in making stellar rap beats, you need to know how to effectively use this program. The goal here with this guide is to give you the basics of how to create hip hop beats on FL Studio.

Create Drum Pattern

The first thing that you need to do is to create a very simple drum pattern, which will be used as the backbone of the beat. You do have the option of just using one of the default drum beats that is included with FL Studio, but they may not be of the same quality that you are looking for. There are some sample packs that you can get for FL Studio, or you can create your own drum sounds.  Import the sample pack into FL Studio or use the sequencer to create your own pattern. The sequencer is easy to use, especially when compared to any other DAW.

Add Instrument Sequence

Once you have your drum beat completed, you need to start adding the instrumental sample or sound. The best approach for doing this is by adding a VST instrument as well as a chord progression or melody to create something really special.

Add Other Elements

By putting together the beats and the instrument sequence, you have created a solid foundation for your song. Then, you can move onto adding the various elements to your track to start perfecting the piece. This is where you add various other elements such as vocals, percussion, and other sound FX to the track. You will use the sequencer to add the other elements to your track.

Find a Sample

You can use a sample to start with, instead of starting with creating your own drum pattern. Many hip hop songs tend to feature a sample that has been transformed with your rap beats and lyrics. This can be a great place to start, especially when you’re not intending on selling the song. If you are going to make hip hop beats you need to get permission from the original artist to use the song.

Use Slicex for the Sample

With Slicex, you can create the sample that you want to use, then add it to your track. This is an essential step, especially if there’s only a specific portion of the track that you want to use.


FL Studio makes creating rap beats far easier than many other tools that you can use. You can take the idea for your rap beat and transform it into a track that you can be proud of when you are using the right tool. This article has a basic idea of how you can create rap beats when using FL Studio, giving you a good start to using this program.

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