How To Produce Trap Beats

How to Produce Trap Beats

Before you begin learning how to create Trap beats; you need to understand exactly what you are making. Trap music can be traced back to the South during the 90s and it is recognizable by its aggressive kicks, crisp sounds from the snares and incorporating both bass and triangle. Another familiar Trap sound is the hard and fast hi hats. Obviously, there are a variety of other instruments used but these few create that distinct snap of Trap. If you want a better idea of how Trap developed, then listen to Waka Flocka Flame, (Young) Jeezy and of course, Mannie Fresh. A modern Trap artist is 2Chainz. These artists will not only give you a better understanding of Trap music but they will assist you when it comes to making your own music. By listening to the beats and rhythms, you will get a better ear for this genre of music.


The first step to producing Trap music is to get familiar with the sound. Trap is usually broken down into 3 elements. The tempo originates from Hip-Hop but has evolved to become a little faster than its parent. Most Trap music ranges from 100 – 180 bpm (beats per minute) which is quite wide. The energy comes from Dance with some hard EDM beats, and coupled with some low-frequency Dub throughout, Trap music can really get a crowd going. Hip-Hop, Dance and Dub. These are the 3 elements of Trap and to master the making of it, you will need to learn about each of them in turn.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the tempo of your Trap is correct. The tempo should create a good flow throughout the song and essentially becomes something that you feel. Play around with different tempos and find the one that fits your music best. For a great example of some of the technology that can assist you, check out Loop Masters, who recommend learning the intricacies of the 808 mixer, or you can check out the movie Hustle and Flow which explains a lot about Trap music.

Another vital component of making Trap is the melody. When you buy trap beats they are important but you will need to add in some sort of harmony or loop to set the vibe of your song. Trap music leans towards the darker melodies. Trap is known to be aggressive and you should not be afraid of hitting those harmonies hard!

One thing to remember is that you are making music that people will want to move to! There is a certain point in your song where the listener will feel like they have been drawn to a conclusion. There needs to be a drop. Build up the tension in your song and bring it to climax. The best music to listen to is the music that tells a story. Trap is hard-hitting and in your face. By listening to other Trap music and by practicing a little yourself. You will soon master the production of this genre.

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