How To Write Rap For Trap

How to write rap for Trap

With over 30 million listeners, Trap music is growing in popularity, as shown by Spotify, and the energy that this genre brings to the industry is undeniable. Artists such Pop Smoke, Megan Thee Stallion, Princess Nokia and Future, have recently exploded online and their followers are in the millions on social media. So how do you go about making Trap music and writing rap for it Start by listening to Trap in your spare time. The more familiar you become with this sub-genre of Hip Hop the better you will become at recreating it for yourself.

The first step to writing rap is to get your topic or content down. You need to think of writing about something that means something to you. You will find that writing lyrics is a lot like any other creative writing, the closer you are to the subject, the more you will feel for what you are talking about.

Unlike normal rap music, Trap allows a lot more freedom with regards to lyrics and vocals. With digital effects such as auto tune and reverb, it is a lot easier to create that magical hook. The hook is that part of the song that catches your attention and that part of a tune that is most often remembered. This could be a chorus, or even a phrase or a particular riff. With a good hook, you don?t need to limit yourself to conventional genres or structures. The hook is all important in Trap music and it often leads into a heavy drop. To write your lyrics, you need to bear this in mind when crafting your lines and rhymes.

So once you have found a topic that you want to talk about and you have decided what kind of beat or rhythm you want to rap to, start listening and start writing. Try to say the words aloud as you go as this will help you to work the rhythm of your sentence structure into the rhythm of your beat. Remember that you are essentially writing a song. You should divide your lyrics into verses (stanzas in poetry) and try to create a chorus that divides them. When writing a chorus, make it memorable! This is the most important part of tying your whole song together and can often make or break a tune.

The most important part of this process is that you enjoy yourself. Now this may sound like some useless information but if you are enjoying the music that you are creating then the chances are that some else will enjoy it as well. Play around with different repetitions, loops, effects, vocals rhythms and trap beat tempos. These are the tools at your disposal and no one can tell you how to use them, especially when it comes to making Trap music.

You are making music for people so the lyrics that you write should reflect something about yourself. People want to connect with others and the more authentic your lyrics are, the better they will be able to relate. Alternatively, the better the beat is, the easier it will be for people tune in to your music and forget the world around them.

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