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How To Sell Beats Online

Ever wonder how to sell beats online? Luckily we are here to help you gain buyers for your tracks.

Blast Beats cuts the workload by offering the best quality beats. They make the process easy for you to sell and for your customers to buy beats online. No matter what your customers are looking for, Blast Beats will have the right beats for them. They have an extensive catalog that covers all genres of music, from R&B to hip hop, trap to old school, and so much more. 


It doesn’t matter what style of beat you like to make. Blast Beats gives producers the freedom to create whatever beat they want. They give producers to control and allow them to make money from their hard work.

They also have several different packages. These help producers choose exactly what they want to do with their beats and how they want them to be used. This keeps the customer and the producer on equal footing. It stops there being any confusion and helps to protect everyone involved in the purchase of beats.

Beat creation

Before selling a beat, it’s important to understand what exactly it is. A beat is part of the background instrumental of a song. Different producers each have their style of creating beats and the instruments they use for them. This process can include guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, or much more. 

Most producers choose to create beats using electronic instruments, although some still prefer to use real instruments. Once they’ve made the beat, it goes up for sale. There are different price options for the beat, which each include certain limitations and restrictions to using it. These restrictions are entirely up to the producers to decide.

It doesn’t matter what kind of beat you create – you can sell it all on Blast Beat.

The best beats for sale

Simply put, Blast Beat has every hip-hop beat that anyone could ever need. They have a huge collection of hip-hop beats available, whether it is old school or right up to today.

Each beat sounds professional and has been crafted by a mix of producers. The quickest way for a customer to find the ideal beat is to try using the search function. Selling your beats on Blast Beats makes you part of a huge producer community.

Blast Beat Hooks

If you want to offer something more than just a beat, Blast Beat have you covered. They have instrumentals with hooks for every purpose. You can try selling a track with a male vocalist or one with a scratch hook. The choice is yours. 

Blast Beat understands the variety of styles within hip-hop, so they offer many different types of instrumental. Are you looking to create something to play in the club? What about something a little more emotional? Perhaps a cross-genre blend of hip-hop and something else? 

Blast Beat fulfills all of these needs and more. Whatever beat that you want to sell, Blast Beat is the place to do it.

Leasing a track

Perhaps you’re not too sure where to start—or maybe worried about selling your first beat. No worries – it happens to all of us! 

Blast Beat offers the option to lease a beat. Their streamlined process cuts down on the cost and gives the producer some more rights. It could include your tag on the track or certain limitations to where your customers can sell it. 

Leasing a track is the perfect starting point for both producers and customers. It’s cost-effective and lets you familiarise yourself with the process of selling beats.

How To Sell Beats Online

Simply put, it cuts out the middleman and lets you make your own choices with your tracks. Say goodbye to worrying about finding a manager, getting enough money to create a team, or looking for support from a record company. Selling your beats on Blast Beats puts the decisions back in your hands.

Step One – Creating a beat

The first thing you need to do is make the beat. This is the part where you let your creative juices flow. It would help if you ensured that the beat could go with someone’s vision for their song. It’s just not worth buying a completely useless beat. 

Try not to make any rash decisions – take your time to listen to the beat and get a feel for it. As you craft your music, you’ll be listening to the beat quite a lot. You have to make sure that you enjoy the way it sounds so that other people will like it, too.

Step Two – Before selling

Now that you’ve made the beat, you should take your time to read through the contract provided. Make sure that you understand and accept each of the terms and conditions that are listed. 

There’s a lot more consideration that goes into beats than just selling them. Do you want to be credited every time someone uses the beat? What about alterations – can your customers change the beat, or does it need to stay intact? You also need to consider any restrictions on the number of tracks that can be sold. 

You must read through the contract and check the terms. Some sites might list a beat as contract-free, but you still need to make sure that you read through the terms and conditions before deciding to sell.

Step Three – Selling the track

It’s time to sell! Some sites have a lengthy process of buying beats. This process involves the customer contacting the producers themselves and asking for permission to buy the beat. 

Luckily for you, Blast Beat cuts this part out and makes the whole process much easier. All they have to do is click the button to buy the beat and pay for it. Blast Beats uses an online checkout process that makes all transactions secure. Once you’re done, Blast Beats will send you the files to your customers’ emails.

The process is automated and much quicker than using something like SoundCloud or YouTube.

Step Four – After selling

If your customers are just making a demo or recording at home, then using the single mix of the beat will be fine. 

However, if they’re looking for something a little more professional, they will need a high-quality mix. This file is called a “tracked-out” file and involves using the individual instrument files. These high-quality mixes and tracked-out files are only available on the more expensive packages. Be prepared to create one if needed.


Price Packages

There are many different pricing packages available on Blast Beats. Here are some more details about them, including their cost and features. Each of these has no tags on the instrumental.


This is the cheapest option available and costs only $24.99. Customers can sell up to 3000 physical copies of a track with this beat and around 15000 streams.


The next step up, clients can sell 5000 physical copies with this package and get 20000 streams. This package costs $44.99.


The viral option allows for 15000 physical streams and 30000 streams. The entire package is $85.99.

The Huncho

This package has the least restrictions and is perfect for anyone looking to get their music popular. But with this package, your customers can choose to have up to 40000 streams and sell 30000 physical copies.

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