The Basics Of Making Beats

The Basics of Making Beats

Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects them in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heart strings. It is medicine.Macklemore

As with any creative industry, the music realm is extremely subjective when it comes to variances and alternatives. One thing remains constant though; the beat. It is the vibrant structure that the vocals are framed around. The beat is what makes the listener sway and bob to your tune and ultimately determines how much people will enjoy it. Isn’t that the purpose of music, to create joy for your listeners In order to master the ins and outs of beat making you first need to get your hands on an app or program that will help you along the way. An in-depth look at a few options can be found at Deviant Noise. You will also need a laptop or PC to run the software. Providing that you have these essentials, let’s look at how to go about finding beats for sale.

Making the Sound:

  • Drums such as the Snare and Kick drums are perfect for adding bounce and flavor to your sound.
  • Handclaps are great to work with in the beginningbecause they are so distinctive.
  • You will need to be accustomed to working with melodies. These can be created using instruments such as pianos, guitars and synthesizers.
  • Don’t forget about the percussion hi-hat sounds (the cymbals) which can add a lot of zing to your song.
  • Bass sound repetitions will give your song that strong backbone that everything else can be built off.

You will need to play around with the different programs as some will need quite a bit of processing power to run. If you are just starting out though, you are probably just looking for something to work off your laptop. Magix Music Maker or Reason 10 are excellent products to start off with. They will both give you a professional feel and are user-friendly for first time beat makers.

So you have familiarized yourself with the software and are starting to understand the basics of what sounds you can blend and mix together. Where to from now? Start the creative process. The only way to truly master something is to put in some time with it. Making beats is much the same as anything else. The more effort you put into it, the greater your rewards will be. If you are unsure of what sounds to put together or what you like then look to your own collection for inspiration. Listen to the beats in the music in your own playlists and try to recreate some of that magic. The more you delve into the creative journey the better you will become at hearing beats as much as making them.

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