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We partner with only professional-level hip-hop producers for our beat store, so you can be sure that they will sound great in your music. Our playlist is updated weekly with new beats to choose through. Whether you’re looking for trap beats, hip-hop beats, or R&B instrumentals, we have something for everyone!

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You Only Deserve The Hardest Rap Beats For Sale!

When you buy quality beats for sale online, there are a lot of different styles and genres to choose through.

Some of the most popular hip-hop beats include trap, hip-hop, and RnB. Each of these genres has its unique sound, so choosing the right one for your project is essential.


So If you’re looking to download beats with an aggressive style flow or hard-hitting vibe, then trap beats are perfect.

These beats are ideal for songs about street life and gangsters. We offer these without a producer tag after purchase.


Find a track that best represents your music style using the music player. Choose whether you would like the MP3 Version, WAVE, TRACKED OUT OR EXCLUSIVE.


Finally, it’s time to actually purchase the beat. Simply click the beat you’d like to purchase and pay for it through our secure online checkout. After purchase, you will be provided with a download link to stream your track

Modern or old school Hip Hop Beats for sale.

If you want something more mellow, then hip-hop beats might be a better choice. Hip hop beats often have a smooth groove that will make most listeners move their feet.


We Have The Best Hip Hop Instrumentals For Sale
Professional Rap Beats For Sale

We are now offering RnB Beats for Sale with Hooks.

If you’re looking for something romantic, then RnB beats might be the right choice. These beats are perfect for slow jams and love songs. We also offer RnB beats with hooks for those who want a little extra help writing their lyrics.

How Good Rap Instrumentals Can Improve Your Music Career

If you’re serious about making music, you need to have good hip hop instrumentals. When you purchase professional rap beats for sale from BBO, you’re getting high-quality music production that will allow your tracks to stand out from the competition.

Professional beats can make your music sound better and help take it to the next level.

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We Have Exclusive beats or Lease agreement For Every Track In Our Wide Catalog

At BlastBeat, we have exclusive rights and fundamental lease rights for every track in our catalog.

Fewer Barriers for Independent Artists

Independent artists spend too much time searching for background music and building relationships, which can drain your creative process and cause it to stagnate. Here at BlastBeat, we try to remove all the fluff and give musicians a blueprint to running a company (brand) whole being productive. Our blog consists of resources to help your elevation and growth in the music industry. From beats to business, we got you.


How do I know which rap beat is right for my song? 

Choosing the right rap beat is essential if you want your song to sound great. The best way to choose is to think about what type of feeling or message you want your track to convey. If you’re unsure, our team can help you choose the right rap beat for your project.

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What is Beat Leasing?

Leasing rap beats is a great way to get high-quality instrumentals for your songs without breaking the bank. When you lease rap beats, you’re acquiring exclusive rights to use the beat in your music for a limited time. 

Why Should I Lease Beats? 

There are many reasons why leasing rap beats is a good idea. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You get exclusive rights to use the beat in your music.

  • The beat will be custom-made for your project.

  • The producer who created the beat will mix and master it for you.

  •  You don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

  • You can use the beat for a limited time.

Buy Beats Online with Hooks

If you’re looking for rap beats with hooks, we have a great selection of tracks that will fit your needs. We have independent artists on staff that creates chorus that flows great with our tracks. We update our playlist weekly with new flows and vibes to fit all styles and moods.

Hip Hop Music

How Impactful Is Hip Hop Music

Hip hop music is one of the most popular genres in the world. This genre is especially popular with young people, and it continues to grow in popularity each year. Hip hop has had a significant impact on mainstream culture, from fashion to language.

I Brought Instrumental Beats When Do I receive Them?

After purchase, you will receive your untagged beat ready for instant download.

Can My Purchase Beats Be Used In My Music Video?

Yes! When you purchase rap beats from BlastBeat, you’re getting leasing rights to use the track in your music video. You can use the rhythm in your video without worrying about copyright issues. Send all video content created with our tracks to

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Do You Offer Customized Professional Rap Beats For Sale?

Yes, we offer custom beats! Just send us a message. We’ll follow up with you asap with a quote.

Our In-House Sound Engineer Mixes & Masters Every Track

If you’re a new artist or on a budget, a lease is a good option. Leasing a beat means that the producer still retains some rights – sometimes, they leave the tag or limit where you can distribute the track. Learn more about the best online mastering services now.

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