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You deserve the highest quality instrumentals such as modern trap rap instrumentals for sale

Blast Beat consists of a collection of mixing and mastering, along with epic rap beats for sale. To fit a variety of price points, we offer exclusive rights and leasing rights for every track in our catalog. Since we have trap beats, old school beats, R&B type beats, and hip-hop instrumentals you’re guaranteed to find the right beat for your next track.


Instrumental (No Tag)
3.000 Physical Copies
15.000 Streams


Instrumental (No Tag)
5.000 Physical Copies
20.000 Streams


Instrumental (No Tag)
15.000 Physical Copies
30.000 Streams

The Huncho

Instrumental (No Tag)
30.000 Physical Copies
40.000 Streams
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Fire Trap & Rap Beats for Sale

First, make sure the beat you’re considering fits the track you plan to write. You don’t want to waste money on a beat you’ll never use. It’s also good to make sure you really like the beat – you’ll be spending a lot of time listening to it as you create your track.


Double-check the contract’s terms and conditions. Contracts for most beats list things like crediting the producer, selling a limited number of tracks, and not altering the beat. Even if you purchase a contract-free track from a website, check the site itself for terms and conditions to ensure everything is legit and legal.


Finally, it’s time to actually purchase the beat. If you found it on YouTube or Soundcloud, you’ll have to reach out to the producer by email, but websites like ours make things easy. Simply click the beat you’d like to purchase and pay for it through our secure online checkout.

Find Out How You Can Buy Rap Beats

We Have the Best Hip Hop Instrumentals

Our massive collection includes everything from old-school type beats to today’s most popular trap beats. We offer the best professional instrumentals to start or strengthen your career.

Use our search function to find the perfect beat for your next track quickly. We feature beats from a variety of producers, and we’re confident that we offer the best of beats for sale we have.

Beats For Sale
Trap Rap Beats For Sale

Profeshional Beats for Sale

Blast Beat offers trap beats for sale with the hottest instrumentals with hooks. Our collection includes hooks featuring male and female vocalists, DJ scratch hooks, east and west coast type hooks, and even more. Beats with hooks are a great way to add depth to your music and can even help you find inspiration for your next track. 


Detailed descriptions of each instrumental make it easy to find the perfect beat, whether you’re looking for something deep and emotional or a weekend banger. Our collection of instrumentals with hooks is enormous, varied, and includes examples from multiple hip hop genres.

Lease Our Entire Catalog of Instrumentals

If you’re a new artist or on a budget, a leases is a good option. Leasing a beat means that the producer still retains some rights – sometimes, they leave the tag or limit where you can distribute the track. The producer is also free to lease the beat to other artists.

Blast Beat
Blast Beat 2


However, the leasing price is much lower than if the beat was purchased outright, making it an excellent way to get started. Our entire instrumental catalog is available for lease, which gives you plenty of options, even if you’re making music on a budget. 

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