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Kasey Vs The Internet

I’m a music producer, artist, and certified digital marketing specialist of 12 years. I’m also the founder of BlastBeat.org, – a music resource for aspiring artists and music producers on the rise. I spend most of my time helping clients through my digital marketing agency. But when I’m not focused on spreadsheets or strategy sessions, you can find me producing beats in my studio, or on INSTAGRAM. motivated, creative, and always hustling – that’s me!

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My love for music runs deep. I’ve been doing music for well over 15 years now. A lot of my music is actually a collection of tracks that I created between 2012 and 2020:

I have a pretty extensive library of tracks that work better with today’s sound. All my new music is released exclusively on my albums – which is why I chose the name kasey vs the internet. It best represents me – as I’m more than just a rapper. I’m creative and have built businesses in the tech space.

Plus, it’s always dope to drop new music associated with my current endeavors! I’m also a digital marketing coach and and join kasey vs the internet – youtube content creator website.