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Who Needs Mixing and Mastering Services?

Today, anyone has the potential to become an international music star. The equipment you need to record a hit is easily available. You can do it from the comfort of your bedroom. But this has created a problem. There are so many people trying to break into the industry. Because of all this competition, it’s harder for artists to be discovered.

There’s also more choice for listeners. If the mix is poor, or the quality is bad, they will just skip straight over your songs. To even have a chance of your work catching on, you’ll need to have a high-quality track. Once you have this, you can start to think about using it to promote your music.  A small investment now could pay off ten-fold if you manage to get into some popular playlists.

Mixing and mastering are two of the most important parts of preparing your tracks. Without these elements, your songs will suffer. The way the song is mixed will determine how much emphasis is given to each instrument. It also determines the type of effects that you will be using. Everything will be combined into one single track.

Mixing And Mastering Services Online
Professional Mixing Mastering Services

This is then sent to the master engineer. It is their job to put the final touches and effects on the song. By the time they are finished, the song should be sounding great on any device. They also help ensure that there is a cohesive flow between each track on the album.

Technically, you can do the mixing and mastering yourself from home. However, this generally isn’t advised. You’ll need to purchase specialized equipment, which can be a big expense. Plus, it takes a lot of experience to know what makes a good mix and master. Though it sounds like a simple process, if you make a small mistake it will be amplified. By the time the song gets to the listener, it will sound unprofessional.

The good news is that BlastBeat has an experienced team, who works across all genres. By using our services, you will be able to produce a track that will stand out on the radio and get added to successful playlists. Before you know it, you’ll be performing at music award shows!

What is the Difference Between a Mixing Engineer and a Mastering Engineer?

This is a commonly asked question. To help you understand the difference, let’s follow the process, looking at what happens once you pass your track over to the engineers.

When it comes time to mix the songs, the engineer will receive all the instrumental tracks. The best versions have been selected and they have already been edited. It is then up to the mixer to combine everything.

This is where their expertise will come in. They will decide how loud or softly each instrument will be. How the mix is created will depend on dozens of factors. They will need to consider the type of genre they are working in. They will also have to think about what type of mix will best convey the artist’s intent.

What Are The Differences Between Mixing And Mastering Services?

There are a few things that the mixer will be responsible for. This includes:

  • Balancing the levels
  • Equalizing
  • Compressing
  • Choosing where instruments are playing when listening in stereo
  • Removing any frequencies that are causing problems
  • They might also add effects. This can include things like distortion or reverb

Once the mixer is satisfied that all the parts sound good together, they will be ready to hand it off. It then gets mastered. This affects the way that the track will be heard by the listener. This ensures that an album feels consistent. Often, they will need to adjust things based on the format. For example, the settings will be different for a CD than they would online.

By the time, the mastering process is finished, the track will be available to release to the broader market. If you want to learn more about the intricacies of this process and why it’s so important, check out this blog post.

Here are the key elements that the mastering process deals with:

  • Compressing
  • Limiting
  • Changing the volume to meet industry standards
  • Enhancing the song for stereo

There are a few other differences between each part of the production process. This includes:

  • Workflow. A mix engineer must be focused. They need to keep track of everything. Because of this, it’s common to find color-coded sections within their digital editing software. On the other hand, the master engineer just needs to work with one track.
  • The number of tracks. During the mixing stage, every instrument used will need to be accounted for. As you can imagine, this can quickly turn into a complex project. Because of this, it’s common to see color coding to group instruments together. However, by the time it goes to the master it has been turned into a single track, which is easier to manipulate.
  • Specialization. Mastering engineers will use more specialized equipment. For example, they will need to know how to use transparency EQs.
  • Intensity. The mixing process is primarily focused on making sure that the song sounds as good as possible. It’s about nailing the emotion that the artist wanted to create. However, the master is about making sure that it sounds as good as possible. They will listen to the sound closely, with the highest-quality speakers on the market. This intense scrutiny is the last line of defense before it heads out onto the market.
  • Activity. Generally, a mixing studio can be a place of vibrant activity. The mix artist is trying new approaches to see what works best. They might be trying different types of equipment, to see how the format affects the mix. On the other hand, a master studio tends to be very quiet. This allows them to pick up and correct the smallest errors in the track.
Mix Engineer Rates

What is Album Mastering?

The album master is the last stage of the music process. It brings all the songs together, packages them up, and delivers the files that you can submit. There are several steps involved in this process. This includes:

  • Mastering each song. The master engineer will need to go through each song and optimize them for the market. This ensures that the album will sound great regardless of which device or speaker it is played on. They will make sure that your music meets the industry standards.
  • Providing consistency across the album. Up until the master, the album has been viewed on a song-by-song basis. During the master, though, it all starts to come together. This ensures that the album works as a coherent whole, rather than a random collection of songs.
  • Choosing track order. During the master, you will need to decide what order the songs will be played in. This allows the listener to move smoothly through the album, as each song blends into the next.
  • Adding transitions. The master engineer will also add some silence, as a transition between tracks. This lets the listener know when one song has ended and the other has begun.
  • Exporting the music. Finally, you will be left with a coherent album. The only thing left to do is export it, so you can start uploading the files and sharing them with your fans.
What Is Album Mastering?​

How Much do Audio Engineers Charge to Mix a Song?

Getting a professional mix for your songs is what you need to take the track to the next level. So, how much will you need to pay for this?

This will depend on a few factors. First, the quality of the audio. If it’s low quality, the mixer will need to spend a lot of time cleaning it before they will be able to start the mixing process. The longer they have to spend doing this, the more money you will need to spend.

It’s also worth considering how much skill the engineer has. You might be able to find a cheap freelancer to do it for around $25. But this low price tag should be a warning sign. Too cheap and it shows that the person has little experience. It can also mean that they are working from a lower quality studio, with limited equipment to work with.

Third, you’ll need to consider the complexity. This will determine how long it takes the engineer to mix it. For example, they might need to deal with multiple instruments. In some genres, like classical, they will need to blend a whole orchestra. Or they could need to add several effects.

Generally, though, you can expect a mix engineer to charge you between $150 to $350. This is what the best in the industry are charging. If you are working with a top producer, though, you can easily end up spending over $1,000 per song. At the very top-end, they can be charging thousands per song. This is more than most amateur musicians have in their budget.

How Much Do Audio Engineers Charge To Mix A Song?​

When it comes to mastering your songs, it can start at around $50. However, the prices quickly go up from there. It might cost as much as $1,000 per song. There is always the chance that you could get a discount if you purchase in bulk, depending on who is doing the mixing. You might also be able to get a discount if the same person or team does both the mixing and mastering.

An alternative is to take care of the mixing yourself. There are plenty of software packages that will allow you to do this. Some of the most popular DAWs will start at around $150 a year. However, there are some free packages that you can use, though they will often come with limited features.

 But if you are just starting, such high prices can be a hurdle. That’s where we come in. At BlastBeat, we strive to provide a high-quality service, that comes at a price tag that you will be able to afford. We have two mixing options for you to explore, depending on how complex the song is. We have a basic service for a two-track instrumental. It will cost $100. If you have a more complex track, you can get the mid-level mix. This will cost $250.

Why you Should Use BlastBeat’s Online Mastering Engineers?

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of online mastering engineers you can turn to. What makes our team so special?

There are dozens of ways that our service can help you.  First, our team has a lot of experience. We can help you avoid the mistakes you might make if you were doing it yourself. For example, it’s common to see mixes that have over-compressed the audio. This is something that can’t be undone. It will cause big problems when you are doing the master later.

We also have all the equipment and the best software on the market. Plus, our rooms have been designed with mixing in mind. Because of this, there isn’t any chance that you will get feedback on your projects. This is another common problem seen by people who are mixing the projects at home themselves. This feedback can often create distortions on the track, which the mastering process won’t be able to get out.

Why You Should Use Blastbeat’s Online Mastering Engineers?​

However, the mastering process is about more than just getting the track ready for the market. It’s also your final chance to make changes to the song before it gets released. As you are recording and editing your track, you might develop a myopic focus on your tracks. The mastering process is the ideal time to get a second opinion. Our team will be able to catch and fix any mistakes you may have made.

By the time our engineers are finished, you will have a professional-quality track. Even if you have the right equipment, this will be very difficult to replicate at home. Even better, we aim to keep our prices affordable. You won’t need to break the bank to afford our services.

Why You Should Use BlastBeat’s Online Mixing Service

At BlastBeat we are proud of the online mixing services that we offer. There are a few reasons why we think that you should give them a go.

First, we have access to the best equipment and software. Because of this, we will be able to get your track sounding amazing, with the mix engineer bringing your talents to the fore.

Our team will help you take care of all the technical stuff. For example, all the mixes will be labeled clearly and put into the right format. Though this sounds like a basic step, it will make life a lot easier for the master engineer.

Sometimes, when you are making the tracks, it can get be easy to get swept up in the moment. When you are making the mix, it’s essential to take the time to reflect on what you have made. By turning to a professional service, rather than trying to edit it yourself, you’ll be able to get a second opinion. This might cause you to re-evaluate the project, coming out with a stronger piece of music.

Finally, our team prides itself on keeping our fees relatively low. We understand that most amateur musicians are working with a limited budget. Because of this, we want to make sure that you get an excellent service for an affordable price.

Why You Should Use Blastbeat’s Online Mixing Service​

Why BlastBeat Offers the Best Mix of Engineer Rates and Service

There are dozens of mixing services available. But BlastBeat aims to rise above the competition. There are a few ways that we aim to do this.

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First, we try to keep our fees reasonable. For a single track, you will need to pay $100 for the basic mixing service. If you need a tracked-out mid-level mix, you can expect to pay $250. This won’t break the budget, but that doesn’t mean that we will skimp.

We employ an experienced team of professionals. They can mix across all genres of music. At BlastBeat, we use the highest quality equipment. We know what works and will be able to give your song the mix it needs to stand out in a commercial environment.

You Can Order Just a Mix or Master from BlastBeat Separately

Sometimes, you will have already done the mixing yourself, and are looking for someone to master the track for you. At other times, you might only want someone to handle the mix, while you do the master yourself.

If this approach sounds like you, BlastBeat can help. On our service, you will be able to order a mix and master separately. This is a good way of leaning into your strengths and doing some of the post-production processes yourself. It’s also a great way of saving money, as you only need to pay for the parts that you need.

You Can Order Just A Mix Or Master From Blastbeat Separately​

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You’ve gone to the effort of writing, recording, and editing your music. Now it’s time to put everything together. When done right, the mixing and mastering process will help your music stand out from the pack. So, get in touch with our experienced team today and see how our engineers can help you bring your musical dreams to life. 

We employ an experienced team of professionals. They can mix across all genres of music. At BlastBeat, we use the highest quality equipment. We know what works and will be able to give your song the mix it needs to stand out in a commercial environment.