D’Addario Bass Pro-Winder String Winder and Cutter

High-Quality peg winder with built-in string cutter
The ultimate bass guitar restringing tool
Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable use


Planet Waves Pro-Winder

Planet Waves Pro-Winder

Most ordinary peg winders serve the single basic purpose of winding the tuning pegs of a guitar during string changes, but the Planet Waves Pro-Winder isn’t any ordinary peg winder.

One and Done

The ergonomic design of the Pro-Winder makes string changes easier than ever before with it’s built-in clippers, bridge pin puller, and peg winder all rolled into one product. The peg winder is also designed to fit on virtually all guitars, banjos, and mandolins, truly making it a must have for every instrument case.

Covering All the Basses

The patented Pro-Winder design is also available for bass guitar. With a handle designed for efficient and comfortable use and a peg winder that fits both vintage and modern basses, the Bass Pro-Winder has you covered. The hardened steel clippers are also tough enough to cut through bass strings with ease.

Planet Waves Pro-Winder for Guitar

Pro-Winder For Guitar

Designed to work for a wide variety of fretted instruments, the Pro-Winder for guitar is a perfect all-in-one tool for every player to keep in their gig bag or case. The Pro-Winder is the Swiss Army knife of string changing.

Planet Waves Pro-Winder for Bass

Pro-Winder For Bass

The Bass Pro-Winder takes the user friendly and ergonomic elements of the original Pro-Winder and makes them applicable for both vintage and modern bass guitar tuning pegs.

The Pro-Winder String Cutter

Cutting Through

With the hardened steel clippers on the Pro-Winders string cutter you can cut through your old strings to make removing them quicker, and trim the excess off of new strings after looping them through the tuning machines.

The Bass Pro-Winder String Cutter

Making The Cut

When it comes to bass guitar you are dealing with some pretty heavy gauge strings. The good news is that the hardened steel clippers of the Bass Pro-Winders string cutter are specifically designed to easily cut through the thickest of strings.

The Pro-Winder Bridgepin Puller

Pull The Pin

Designed with acoustic guitarists in mind, the Pro-Winder also has a built in bridgepin puller. This makes removing stubborn pins simple without risking damage caused by pliers and other tools.

The Bass Pro-Winder In Use

Wind Away

The Bass Pro-Winder is designed to seat itself on a variety of peg winder sizes and shapes. The spinning head and comfortable handle make changing bass strings a much simpler and efficient process.

High-Quality peg winder with built-in string cutter
The ultimate bass guitar restringing tool
Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable use
Fits both vintage and modern basses
Fits easily in any case accessory compartment

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